Delphinium Petals
Grown on our farm in Worcestershire, these entirely natural petals are hand picked to achieve the highest quality for you.
Delicate Delphinium petals that will flutter down beautifully at your wedding for your magical confetti photograph.
Create your own bespoke colour mix.
Purple Pale Pink Ivory Azure Blue Raspberry Rainbow Silver Gold


Wildflower Petals

Blackberry Bluebell Claret Marigold Lavender Mini Rose Buds Tudor Pink Magnolia
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Sachets £1.99 each Envelopes £2.95 each 1 Pint of Petals £11.00
Individual Sachets
Side length of sachet - 15cm
Individual Envelopes
Cream textured paper (8cm x 11cm.)
10 handfuls of confetti.
The voile bag measures 24x16cm
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If you select multiple colours they will be mixed in equal quantities.

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Flower Girl Basket Ideas
Our cones and baskets can be viewed on the accessories page.

1 Pint of petals will fill 10 of our cones, envelopes or petal bags.

Your order will be hand picked and packed for a personal service